Sweet Treasures

Yesterday while out and about I passed two thrift stores and my “spidey senses” started tingling.  While living in Winnipeg and working at The Blue Door Clay Studio I used to frequent the Salvation Army Thrift Store daily because it was in the same complex as the clay studio.  And what treasures I’ve found!!  Everything from silver earrings with lapis lazuli to a red bell bottom trousers to a Beledi dress covered in sequins and beads.

I hadn’t been thrift store hopping in a very long time and yesterday I was feeling the “sweet treasure” vibe, so I popped into the Sally Ann.  My treasure was not within so I worked my way down the street to Value Village and there it was!  This beautiful stoneware jar for $7.99 ($9.03 with tax)!!

The stoneware jar - Speckled clay, probably coloured slip under white glaze. Beautifully made with a great fitting lid.

The Maker's Mark

I’m not sure if that says “Carpenter” or not, but that is the signature on the bottom of the jar.

If you love pottery and think you can’t afford it you too might just want to start scouring the thrift shops for your own sweet treasures.  You won’t get all matching pieces, but over the years you might end up with a nice little collection of perfectly lovely pots.

Here are some other amazing things I’ve found at thrift shops and in my own backyard…so to speak.

An art deco style pitcher, a pitcher containing my Valentine's Day roses that was actually my Grandmother's, and the jar I found yesterday.

The pitcher with the gorgeous yellow roses is a MedAlta pitcher.  I had a friend who used to sell antiques at flea markets tell me that this one, as it is in perfect condition, is worth some $$.  How much I don’t know, but it was Gram’s so I’m keeping it because I’m very sentimental.  It has a cottage scene painted on it and I just love it!  There is a local “Antiques Roadshow” sort of event in the summer often times so when it next comes around I’m going to take Gram’s pitcher and see what the experts say.

The art deco style pitcher is slip cast.  That means a master mold was made and then liquid clay was poured into the mold.  When the piece is dry the mold is opened, the piece is sanded, bisque fired and then glazed and glaze fired.  I love the runny, drippy glazes on it. I don’t know how old it is but it cost under $5 so it was a great find!

An earthenware Arabic jug, not in great condition, but really pretty with its cobalt blue flowers , stoneware vase, gas fired - the easiest way to get red in a copper glaze and a multi gourd shaped glass pitcher. I love glassware too!

I found the Arabic or Persian jug at a local thrift shop for a couple of bucks.  The red vase was another Value Village find for around $8 and the glass pitcher was the princely sum of $20.  They all make great flower vases and I love flowers!  When spring arrived last year and my tulips and daffodils were in bloom there was a frost warning.  It was about 4 days before Mother’s Day so I cut almost every flower in my garden and filled all of the vases in my house with the most gorgeous spring flowers.  It was heavenly!  When Mother’s Day arrived I didn’t even have to make a trip to the florist’s.

Well I’m off to work in the studio today.  I’m in an event called Girls’ Night Out on March 4 and need to get crackin’ with some new work for that show.  Details to follow in a day or so.

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5 Responses to Sweet Treasures

  1. If you ever get up here for a visit we shall do just that!

  2. bobi says:

    i would love to rummage shops with you & find treasures – one of my fave past times 😀

  3. Toni says:

    I love that you have Gram’s pitcher to use. Maybe we can do some thrift store treasure hunts when I visit.

    • Absolutely! I have a complete listing of all of the ones in Ottawa. There are only two in Buckingham and I’ve never been very successful at either, but still worth going. How long are you planning on staying? We need a whole day for the thrift shop hop.

  4. Suzanne says:

    I love seeing all your ‘treasures’ and the stories behind them LMS! I too enjoy browsing second hand shops and thrift stores (usually on the hunt for books of course!) It is interesting seeing hand made pottery in these stores as well; you never know what you’re going to find.
    Keep hunting and enjoying ^__^


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