St. Brigid School Christmas Gift Sale

A couple of days ago the kiln was full of Yule decorations and terracotta wine cups (some carved and some painted with stripes of bright majolica glazes) and were cooling. What pretties are in there?? We’ll see later on in this blog.

My gallery in Mayo is opened on weekends, but on Saturday, December 3rd, you’ll find me at St. Brigid School Christmas Gift Fair at 200 Springfield Rd in Rockcliffe (Ottawa).

Come for a visit!

Yule/Christmas tree decorations – the first round.

"Raspberry Crystal" 7 pointed star. White earthenware with layered glazes and bursting crystals fired to cone 06.

"Spot On" 7 pointed star. White earthenware with layered glazes fire to cone 06.

Yule tree decoration. Terracotta (red) clay with white slip decoration for coloured balls. Multiple glazes. Fired to cone 06.

5 pointed small star in "purple haze." White earthenware. Fired to cone 06

7 pointed star "Blue Fire." White earthenware with layered glazes and vintage (yes, leftover from the 70's!) bursting crystal glaze in the centre.

Terracotta "Gingerbread" men with white slip for realistic looking icing. Each one has a name. This is "Georges."

I also have crescent moons, terracotta teddy bears (high on the “cute” scale), hearts, stars and bells.

Here are some photos of what came out of the kiln recently.

"Tangerine Christmas." White earthenware with layered glazes and a vintage 70's bursting crystal glaze centre.

"Little Green Planet." White earthenware with layered glazes. Bursting crystal glaze centre. (Hey some glaze co.'s are making them again!)

Dove with a message carved in. White earthenware. Fired to cone 06.

I have doves with messages of hope, faith, love, peace, espoir, paix et amour.

Some of these 7 pointed stars are super glossy and hard to photograph.  I got this one while it was laying down, completely unaware of my camera lens fixed on it.

7 pointed star "Blue Lime Burst." White earthenware with layered glazes and vintage bursting crystal glaze centre.

"Memories of Jellied Salad, Christmas 1968" White earthenware with layered glazes and vintage bursting crystal glaze centre.

Doves and 7 pointed star, "Star Brite." White earthenware with layered glazes and bursting crystal glaze centre.

These carved terracotta wine cups are unglazed (except for the rim) for a reason. The earthenware cups absorb acid from wine allowing a rich full flavour to emerge.

Wine cups. Carved terracotta clay with glazed rim. Fired to cone 06.

There is so much more to show you!  You’ll have to come and see for yourself on Saturday at St. Brigid, 200 Springfield, Ottawa.  10 am- 2pm.  Thanks for your support!

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9 Responses to St. Brigid School Christmas Gift Sale

  1. Suzanne says:

    Such beautiful and artful pieces–I’m looking forward to seeing them (and YOU) in person on Saturday. Best of luck with the sale! Nothing is better than hand-made, useful and stunning artwork to share for the holidays (well, that and coffee!) hugs, Suzanne.

    • says:

      What a delight seeing you my friend!! Warm hugs and good laughs were just what I needed when you walked in. THANKS!! 😀

  2. toni says:

    Your new rustic wine cups are lovely. We need these to sup from poolside (shaded, of course) in Mexico.

  3. Laura says:

    Awesome stuff!! See ya at St. Brigids!

    • says:

      Thanks for much for coming to the sale Laura. I appreciate your support and it was great to see you!!

  4. How much are the cups? Do they come in other colours, and where else can we get them? We can’t make it to Rockland today, but are often in Ottawa.

    • says:

      The wine cups are $18 each and you can get them at my gallery in Mayo. Yes, they come in a variety of colours. Please head on over to my website for my contact info. My website link is on the left under “blog roll.” Click on Poterie du Lac la Blanche. The Poterie is opened most days by appointment, meaning call me and tell me when you can come and I’ll make every effort to be here, which isn’t hard because I work here, but occasionally have to leave the house for food. 😉

  5. HA HA HA!!! Now we know how you lost all that weight!!! only OCCASIONAL food runs!!! You work so very hard. I think most people who work for themselves have to do that. Thanks so much for the insight into the life of a potter! What happens when you decide to retire? Love n Hugs, B

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